SMi High Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

SMi High Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

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21 – 23 May 2018 – London, UK

The SMi Group will organize the second edition of the Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients conference of London on 21st - 22nd May 2018. BSP Pharmaceuticals S.p.A. is proud to announce Its sponsorship to this event for the first time.

The global market for Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients is currently on a growth fast track, largely driven by its major use in oncology for cancer treatment and more often in the form of ADCs. Over a quarter of drugs worldwide now contain HPAPIs, as they have proven to be more effective than other APIs.

However, working with APIs high in potency and cytotoxicity comes with many regulations and requirements, and presents pharmaceutical companies with challenges such as handling, containment, cost and security questions.

This conference will cover many important and in-demand aspects of the HPAPI industry, creating a networking platform for industry professionals and key players to share their knowledge and find innovative new solutions.

The core benefits to the participants of the conference will be the following four:

  • 1. To learn how to reduce HPAPI manufacturing costs without cutting on the importance of safety and containment procedures.
  • 2. To build a network with industry fellows and share new developments, innovation and challenges with them in areas as the cross-contamination, manufacturing efficiency, safety practices, outsourcing strategies, compound development and manufacturing, etc.
  • 3. To learn about the HPAPI market development, the reasons behind its sudden growth and how to benefit from this, as well as why the HPAPI demand is still higher than the supply despite there being various suppliers involved in the industry.
  • 4. To experience an information-packed learning environment, designed to provide you with the best insight into innovations in the HPAPI sector.

During this Conference, on 21st of May, Fabio Zenobi, BPS EHS & Toxicology Director, will make the presentation: “The Manufacturing of Oncological Product by a CDMO”