ISPE Europe Annual Conference 2018

ISPE Europe Annual Conference 2018

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19-21 March 2018 – Rome, Italy

BSP Pharmaceuticals S.p.A. is proud to announce Its presence at the next ISPE Europe Annual Conference 2018 - Rome. The Conference is organized to ISPE, the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering. It is the world's largest not-for-profit association serving its Members by leading scientific, technical and regulatory advancement throughout the entire pharmaceutical lifecycle.
The 4 days of ISPE Europe Annual Conference 2018 will be divided as followed:
April 19 - 21: Conference Days - Rome
April 22: Plant Tour in BSP Pharmaceuticals S.p.A.

During the first 3 days of this edition, the speakers will be challenged to discuss about:

  • The scope of Industry 4.0 that It could be the next probable industrial revolution, learning what Industry 4.0 concepts mean in the highly regulated pharmaceutical world (Pharma Operations 4.0)
  • The new opportunities that Industry 4.0 could enabled in Pharma 4.0 industry, for exemple all the new opportunities to be faster, more agile, and responsive will be addressed. Will be assess “4.0 Readiness”, impact analysis, and maturity models: what processes and product designs are needed for process automation. Factories of the future will have to adapt to these concepts in order to stay competitive and survive.
  • Digitalization is the trigger to automation and end-to-end integration of computerised systems, and that makes Data Integrity an absolute must in this new world, understanding how business process excellence has transformed into data processing excellence (another key success factor).
  • Mass serialisation is being implemented in many countries to ensure a constant source in safe and consistent supply chain. Will be presents modes that various companies deal with the challenges of mass serialisation implementation along the whole supply chain around the globe.
  • Presentation of case studies of factories of the future projects.

Last day of ISPE Europe Annual Conference, the participants to the Conference will could choose a plant tour between one of three pharmaceutical companies that will open their doors for this event. One of this is BSP Pharmaceuticals S.p.A. at Latina
All the information about the visit (times and transfers), are searchable at the follow link: