SMi High Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients USA

SMi High Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients USA

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(21 – 22 October 2019 – Boston, USA)

SMi is will organize its Highly Potent Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients conference coming to Boston on the 21st - 22nd October 2019

BSP Pharmaceuticals S.p.A. is proud to announce Its sponsorship to this event for the first time and Its participation.

The HPAPI global market has developed rapidly in the past year and is continuing to expand into the future, with over a quarter of drugs in development worldwide being classified as highly potent. As a result, there is a growing demand for both pharmaceutical and contracted manufacturers to adapt to the evolving HPAPI landscape. The continual elevation of HPAPI potencies along with toxicity will further drive the needs for more cutting-edge containment solutions and best practices guidelines to ensure worker safety.

This conference will explore current market trends, challenges of correctly assessing hazard, the use of innovative containment solutions to minimize risk and advanced manufacturing processes, the latest technologies can benefit HPAPI with artificial intelligence and machine learning to hasten risk assessment and validation. In addition, the conference will also be dedicating much deserved attention on emerging HPAPI therapies including bispecific antibodies, oncolytic viral complexes and hormones.

The key topics of the Summit are:

  • LEARN how to rationally categorise your HPAPI project into a containment banding and implement containment solutions to mitigate the occupational health risks
  • GRASP the current landscape of HPAPI ADCs and other emerging biologics-based therapies including hormones, oncolytic viral complexes, bispecific antibodies and oligonucleotide
  • DISCOVER the emerging HPAPI manufacturing technologies to reduce powder exposure with the possibility of continuous manufacturing for HPAPI
  • UNDERSTAND the steps involved to evolve a containment environment to match that of the its scale of production and value of this practice

Save the Date!!! During the Conference Day 1 (Monday, 21st October, 2019), at the 11.00 AM, Fabio Zenobi (EHS & Toxicology Director) will presents the speech ‘Manufacturing of Oncological Products by a CDMO.

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