BSP Pharmaceuticals starts a multi-million € Investments to add manufacturing capacity for DS and DP at its Latina, Italy, site

BSP Pharmaceuticals starts a multi-million € Investments to add manufacturing capacity for DS and DP at its Latina, Italy, site

(14 October 2020 - Latina, Italy)

Latina, Italy – 14 October 2020 – BSP Pharmaceuticals, a CDMO focused on the manufacturing of Anticancer and innovative drugs, has announced that is investing to expand the existing capacity for manufacturing High Potent and Cytotoxic compounds.

The investment will consist of an expansion of approximately 30.000 sqf of the main building with the construction of new areas where an additional filling line for liquid/lyo vials and two additional conjugation areas will be installed.

The new filling ling is planned to be in operation by second half of 2021 and will add sufficient capacity to produce up to 6.5 million vials annually under closed RABS technology to assure full containment and compliance to GMP requirements.

The two Conjugation suites will be available starting from the end of 2021 and each one will add capacity for more than 420 Kg mAb per annum. This expansion will more than triplicate current capacity for DS manufacturing, for a total of 1254 Kg mAb per annum, and will offer the possibility to significantly scale up production’s batch sizes for increasing market demand.

“We decided to play an important role as CDMO in the ADCs space ten years ago, and we have always been very consistent with this mission, trying to make available to the most qualified scientific community the means to be able to materialize its ideas as quickly as possible” commented Aldo Braca, President & CEO. ”We are continuing to invest to open up new capacities, both for Drug Substances and Drug Products. We are convinced that this category of treatments is opening new horizons in the fight against cancer and, for many patients, will represent the strongest life expectancy".

ABOUT BSP Pharmaceuticals

BSP Pharmaceuticals is a CDMO providing development, manufacturing and analytical services for innovative small and large molecules. Capabilities can cover a wide range of batch sizes providing flexibility to sustain preclinical, clinical and commercial manufacturing. Operating a world class technology, BSP can offer full contained technology to manage High Potent APIs with OEL up to < 10ng/m3 and suitable for Biologics including mAbs, ADCs, synthetic peptides for Oncology and Non-Oncology therapies. New expansion will also open capacity to handle IMMUNO-ONCOLOGY drugs (mAbs, checkpoint inhibitors, synthetic vaccines), IMMUNOTHERAPY drugs, as well as other INNOVATIVE products with the objective to continue supporting innovators in a wide range of therapeutic indications.

BSP Pharmaceuticals is located in Latina, Italy.

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