Pharma Network Magazine #54 August 2022

Pharma Network Magazine #54 August 2022

For its September issue, PHARMAnetwork has asked the CEOs of major CDMOs in Europe and the US to give their reactions to this crisis and its (first) consequences for the strategy of their groups. Their testimonies are full of ideas for the future and, as such, exciting.

Rising labour costs, recruitment difficulties, increasing energy and commodity prices, and supply chain issues, have driven inflation much higher than was expected.

Never before have business leaders had to face a series of successive crises as that of Covid 19, war in Ukraine, and the risks of recession.

In these interviews PHARMAnetwork has asked the CEOs what measures and organisations are they rolling out to boost the resilience of their companies and ensure that they grow on their markets? What strategies are being implemented and how are environmental issues incorporated into these strategies?

'Visions and strategies for 2022 and after' has been the topic of these interview, and one of the CEOs involved has been our CEO, Aldo Braca. His interview explores the planns of BSP to react to this crisis and its title is 'Sheltered from stiff headwinds, BSP has designed a model driven by excellence to meet the need of innovators'

You can read all the interview on the PHARMAnetwork website:

or you can view, read and download the interview in the shared pdf file