ADC Analytical Development Summit

ADC Analytical Development Summit

(26 – 27 May 2022 – Boston, MA, USA)

We are very happy to attend next ADC Analytical Development Summit 2022 of Boston, organized by Hanson Wade.

The inaugural ADC Analytical Development Summit is the first and only industry focused meeting dedicated to addressing the unique and phasedependent challenges faced by analytical, CMC, QC, process development and protein characterization experts focused on ADCs.

Covering the end-to-end development and application of analytical technologies in a phase-dependent manner, this novel meeting focuses on enhancing ADC characterization, understanding drug potency and demonstrating homogeneity to support regulatory requirements.

With the sharing of unique insights into novel method development, CQAs, bioassays, DAR quantification and distribution, and platform approaches, this meeting offer attendees the unmissable opportunity to get up to speed with this rapidly growing field and to support safe, consistent and high quality ADC development.