8th World ADC Summit of Berlin 2018

8th World ADC Summit of Berlin 2018

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26–28 March 2018 - Berlin, Germany

BSP Pharmaceuticals S.p.A. is proud to announce Its participation to the 8th edition of World ADC Summit of Berlin. This Summit is the European conference about antibody drug conjugates.
With a sole focus on antibody drug conjugates this summit covers comprehensive every element of ADCs development.
World ADC Berlin covers cutting edge science and transformative insight enabling you to more clinically safe and efficacious ADCs.
During this edition of the Summit, various Pharmaceutical companies will present their new scientifically novels on ADC research and openly talking about their experiences on how to validate the next generation of tumor associated antigens, harness preclinical learning to confidently translate into the clinic and confidently scale up from phase II to phase III manufacturing.

Save the Date!!! Next Tuesday 27th March, in the CMC Stream at 13.00, Giorgio Salciarini (Technical Business Development Manager) will presents the speech ‘Challenges in Scaling Up Process Development from Clinical to Commercial’

To request a meeting, You can send an e-mail at info@bsppharmaceuticals.com